2018 Call Of Duty Game What Do We Know About It?


 2018 Call Of Duty Game What Do We Know About It?

New Call Of Duty Game What Do We Know About?
Yes we are still having a blast with Call Of Duty WWII and we have some awesome expansion packs to come during 2018, but we all know that the next installment of the monster franchise is deep in development.
We wanted to take a look at what we actually know about Call Of Duty 2018. To start with we know that this year it is Treyarch’s turn to helm the Call Of Duty ship. Their last game was the excellent, Call Of Duty Black Ops III. A game which many people say was the best one until Call Of Duty WWII came along.
Of course, we do not know much of anything about the 2018 Call Of Duty game, but as Treyarch posted a job listing asking for someone with experience or knowledge about “modern military technology” it has gotten us and the rest of the internet thinking that their next Call Of Duty game is going to have a modern setting, with some people even going as far to say that Call Of Duty 2018 could be Treyarch’s Modern Warfare style game.
No matter what setting the 2018 Call Of Duty game has, we are sure that Treyarch will knock it out of the park as their track record is excellent. While we have had a lot of fun with the Black Ops series, it is very interesting to think of what they could have in store with the Call Of Duty series now that their Black Ops series is closed….. or is it? For all, we know this next game could be Black Ops IV which would be very interesting not just to see what it has to offer, but also how the Call Of Duty fan base would react.