Enhance Your Video Gaming Experience With Modded Controllers

Dominate Your Opponents In Call Of Duty Video Games With Our 10,000 Mode Modded Controllers For Xbox One & Ps4

Enhance Your Video Gaming With Modded Controllers

Modded Controllers are referred to as mod controllers or turbo mods. they're devices that alter you to convert a single-fire weapon into rapid…

Will More Crossovers Come To Fortnite

To say that I have been having a lot of fun with Fortnite Endgame is a massive understatement. Heck, it has even managed to pull me away from Mortal Kombat 11.…

Apex Legends Coming To Mobile Identical To Fortnite And PUBG

Apex Legends is already massively widely wide-spread on PS4, Xbox One, and workstation, and now it be coming to a brand new platform and…

Call Of Duty Gets Close To Modern Warfare 4 Announcement

We all know that we are getting a new Call of Duty game this year, most likely in October if past years are anything to go by. Well, it…

Learn More About Our Modded Controllers For Call Of Duty And All Other Shooter Video Games At http://bit.ly/2VunGgO


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