Barebones Mode Turns Black Ops 4 Into Old School COD

Barebones Mode Turns Black Ops 4 Into Old School COD!

While I thought that the idea of Barebones mode was awesome, I was a little worried that I would kind of suck. Well, to be honest, I do not suck as much as I did, but even if I did it would not matter as it is so much fun to play ad it does feel like a real throwback.

The specialists are pretty much null and void in Barebones mode and I think that makes a world of difference to the way that you play the game. It does still have the new healing system and allows you to slide. However, apart from that, there is none of the new stuff that they put into Black Ops 4 or the last few Call of Duty games.

I know some people will be asking what is the point? Does it really make a difference? Well, I think that it does. Before you play a match and you mess around with your loadout, you really do get hit with a wave of nostalgia as it feels like an older Call of Duty game.

If you are all about the way that Call of Duty is now and are all in with the specialists and their abilities. You may struggle to get into the Barebones Mode in Call of Duty Black Ops 4. I for one though think that it is fantastic and it is certainly something I have had fun with so far.

I just wish I could get some real confirmation if Barebones is here to stay or if it is just a limited time event!

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