Modded Controllers Should I Get One

Some Of The Main Benefits Of Using A Modded Controller

Ok, so we have modded controllers for PC, Xbox One, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 4. We know that many of you know that these kind of controllers are becoming very popular with gamers. Well, today our aim is to help you understand a little bit better, what some of the main benefits of a modded controller are.

Faster Paced Gameplay

Run and gun is a term many people use when talking about first person shooters. But when you have a modded controller you get the benefit of not having to waste time doing things like reloading, jumping, ducking and even aiming! A modded controller makes it so you can just worry about running and shooting.

They Make You A Better Player

You may wonder how these shortcuts make you a better player. But actually, as you are just running around the maps, you get to know them much better. You know the spawning spots, the places to hide and in general, you get to learn the maps like the back of your hand. When you turn the mods off you will be amazed at how much better a player you have become.

It Makes Call Of Duty & Other FPS Games Much More Fun

That is right, a good first person shooter should be fun no matter what. But with one of our mods turned on, you will find that you are having an absolute blast. From auto aiming in zombies to never having to worry about reloading. The mods just give you a whole new love for Call Of Duty and we can promise you, you will be laughing your butt off as the mod you has on gives you the edge in any multiplayer mode you are in.

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