What Handy Fixes Are Coming To Battlefield 5

What Handy Fixes Are Coming To Battlefield V

Dice have said that they have a couple of fixes coming to Battlefield 5. Actually by the time you read this they very well could already be in place. They are not game changing or anything like that, but I feel that these two changes will help make the overall Battlefield experience be better.

The first one is the sound that footsteps make. I never noticed this until a buddy pointed it out, but the sound of footsteps in Battlefield V is super loud! Once you notice it there is no un noticing it either. It can be very hard to know if someone is close to you or if they are a little bit away.

Dice have said that they have done some major work on the footsteps and now it should be a million times easier to know if someone is actually close by to you.

The other change that is coming is the kill cam. This is one that I am very thankful for. The kill cam can sometimes feel like it is lasting forever! It is very frustrating when all you want to do is get back into the game. This is especially frustrating when things are tight or when you are having the game of your life and you just want to get back into the action.

While Battlefield 5 may not have caught on like Dice and EA would have hoped that it did. The fact they are working hard to make changes like this is something that I really do appreciate.

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