Specialists And Score Streaks In Black Ops 4

Specialists And Score Streaks In Black Ops 4

There has not really been any groundbreaking Call Of Duty Black Ops 4 news the last few days. This is most likely because the folks at Treyarch and Activision are getting ready for the upcoming betas. Well, I have been thinking about the specialists and scorestreaks in Black Ops 4 and what they could be.


I like to think of specialists as kind of like Call Of Duty’s version of Overwatch heroes or Rainbow Six Sieges operators. Each specialist will have their own finishing move and of course, the weapon systems that each one will have will be kind of unique and fit in with the style of the character. I am looking forward to finding what one suits me best and also playing around with them as no doubt there will be plenty of customization options. One of the coolest sounding things is that all of the guns are now going to have their own kind of attachments so all shotguns will not just have the same attachments. Each one will be different.

Score Streaks

I think by this point score streaks are a legal requirement of Call Of Duty. There is going to be score steaks in Call Of Duty Black Ops 4. What the different bonuses in regards to offensive and defensive abilities are I am not sure just yet, but this is bound to be revealed in the coming weeks. Scorestreaks are always a lot of fun and I find that they add a little more excitement and drama to multiplayer.

source http://www.modcontrollers.net/2018/07/specialists-and-score-streaks-in-black.html

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