Only Cosmetics Available For Purchase In Battlefield V

Only Cosmetics Available For Purchase In Battlefield V

DICE recently held an AMA on Reddit where they shared some pretty interesting information about the upcoming Battlefield V that is released this October.

The most notable thing for me was the talk of monetization in Battlefield V. They flat out said that there will be monetization in Battlefield V, but that it will only be for cosmetics. I think that this is great news. In all honesty after the nightmare that DICE and EA had on their hands with Star Wars Battlefront II I am not surprised at all to see this more gentle stance on asking gamers for money!

The Tides Of War is the liver service that Battlefield V is going to be offering and many people, myself included are excited by this as DICE are saying all the right things. Each month from the sounds of it we will get a new narrative for the multiplayer and you will be either playing as the Allied or the Axis. They said during this AMA that there would be limited time events that would have gameplay twists, modes, and cosmetics. It sounds very similar to what Call Of Duty do with their community events only Tides Of War is going to be always running.

The more I hear about Battlefield V the more it sounds like EA are trying to right the wrongs that they attempted to do with Star Wars Battlefront II. Hopefully, Battlefield V is not going to get lost in the shuffle this October as there is a lot of big titles all coming out within a few weeks of each other.


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