New Call Of Duty WWII Update Fixes Annoying Bugs

New Call Of Duty WWII Update Fixes Annoying Bugs

Call Of Duty WWII was a huge success. Even the base version you bought on launch day was great. If you just bought that and never got any of the DLC, you got a great game. Part of what has made it so good is the way Sledgehammer Games keep updating it to fix bugs and make sure it runs as smooth as possible. Well out of nowhere a couple of new fixes have happened.

The fixes are multiplayer based. One that was not game breaking, but super annoying was when the green star would pop up to let you know of a new item and it would not go away. This has been fixed as has Weekly Orders not being tracked properly.

Now I personally never noticed this bug, but in The Tortured Path section of Nazi Zombies in Across the Depths, zombies could get stuck here. If this has happened to you it won’t anymore as they have also fixed that. Weapons disappearing and making sure that the Jack In The Box actually works have also been fixed.

There are also some other smaller bugs that have been worked on, most of which many players will never event notice, but it is great to see the people at Sledgehammer Games keep working on the game to make sure when a bug does pop up it is squashed as soon as possible.

While many looks at Activision as one of the devils of gaming, you have to give them credit for allowing Sledgehammer Games to keep working on Call Of Duty WWII even though the focus in the company has switched to Black Ops IIII. Plus let’s face it the next COD game from Sledgehammer Games must be in the early development stages. So the fact they keep working on WWII is very commendable.


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