Final Week Of Call Of Duty WWII Liberty Strike Event

Final Week Of Call Of Duty WWII Liberty Strike Event

As I write this Liberty Strike which is the current Call Of Duty WWII community event is in its third and final week. The folks at Sledgehammer Games have done a tremendous job of giving us some great content since Call Of Duty WWII launched last year.

This final week sees the return of the Wanderlust Mosh Pit game mode which is a firm favorite of mine. This was the game mode for the first week and they are bringing it back. I really think that this is a game mode which should be part of the game all the time.

The Special Orders are between the 19th and 20th and require you to complete 40 matches which will get you a Sniper Bribe Reward. To get the Daily Order prize which is a Liberty Strike Bribe award you just need to play 30 matches which is very easy to do.

I think this event has been fun, but I do think that it comes across as Sledgehammer Games are running out of steam as it is not as balls to the wall as the other events have been. The best part of it has been the Wanderlust Mosh Pit game mode!

The Community Challenge is of course still running until the event closes on the 24th of July. If 260 million matches are played we will all get some really cool Liberty Strike rewards. Over the coming weekend, it is Party Up 2XP on all game modes so make sure you take full advantage of that.

I am really excited to see what the next community event will be for the game, but I have a feeling Activision may want to keep Call Of Duty WWII quite in the coming months so that all the attention is on Call Of Duty Black Ops IIII.


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