Thoughts On The Battlefield 5 Campaign

Thoughts On The Battlefield V Campaign

It has been pretty well documented that Call Of Duty Black Ops IIII is ditching the campaign in favor for their new Blackout mode which is their take on Battle Royale. Well the folks at DICE have not forgotten about people who enjoy a single player campaign as Battlefield V will have one.

The Battlefield V campaign has not really released many details in terms of the actual story. What we do know is that it is going to feature “War Stories” which made up the Battlefield 1 campaign. So rather than there being one large story, Battlefield V will feature smaller stories that focus on different characters. I actually like the sound of this as it has been rumored that we will get to experience the war from all sides.

On the flip side of this, I have to say that Sledgehammer Games did a tremendous job with the Call Of Duty WWII campaign. Honestly, I freaking loved it, it was one of the best campaigns that they have done. I felt like I was in a World War II movie that was directed by Steven Spielberg, that is how good it was.

So while Activision is not bothering with a campaign this year, DICE and EA still have a lot to live up to with theirs after what Sledgehammer Games did last year. While I do not think that the Battlefield V campaign will be able to boast the same kind of roller coaster narrative that the Call Of Duty WWII one did. I do think that the way we will be playing as multiple characters from different places and parts of the war could make for a very fun campaign.


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