Call Of Duty WWII Wanderlust Mosh Pit Is Amazing, You Need To Play It

Wanderlust Mosh Pit Is Amazing, You Need To Play It

While the Call Of Duty WWII Liberty Strike community event may not be as robust as the previous events in terms of its contents. There is still some great loot up for grabs and best of all it has a new game mode that I kind of dismissed at first, but I am hooked on the Wanderlust Mosh Pit.

The way that Wanderlust Mosh Pit works is that you never know what weapon you are going to start with. Each and every player starts with a random weapon and when they die they will get a random weapon! There appears to be no rhyme or reason for the weapon selection and that can make it a fun, but also tense mode.

I have had a lot of fun with this when I get a weapon I am terrible with. I just go balls to the wall, try my best and if I get a kill or two great, if not I just pray I get something good next time. Playing this mode with buddies is such a good time! In a way, it reminds me of a game like Overwatch with its Mystery Heroes mode where you never know what to expect. Only this is just weapons and not actual characters.

What I love about the Wanderlust Mosh Pit is how fast the games go by. You never know what the hell is going to happen and when you get a weapon that you like it is very interesting in the way it makes you play. For me when I get a weapon I am good with. Rather than charging around the map like I would in a normal multiplayer game. I tend to be more timid and take my time as I am worried about losing the gun and getting something I suck with!

I know that for whatever reason, Liberty Strike is not being pushed as the previous Call Of Duty WWII events, but I really cannot recommend this game mode highly enough as it is so much fun.


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