Liberty Strike Is Call Of Duty WWII’s Latest Event

Liberty Strike Is Call Of Duty WWII’s Latest Event!

The folks at Sledgehammer Games just keep on giving as we have a new Call Of Duty WWII event, Liberty Strike that just went live the other day.

The first week of this event which runs to the 9th of July will bring with it a new game mode, Wanderlust Mosh Pit. This sounds pretty crazy as each time you spawn in the weapons and attachments you get will be random. I must admit, I have had a lot of fun with this so far and part of the fun is being worried about what the heck the game is going to give me!

The daily order for this week is to just play 30 matches which is pretty easy and doing so will earn you a Liberty Strike Bribe Reward which is pretty cool.

There are also Zombie Contracts and from what I can tell these are running all the way until the end of the event which is on the 24th of July. The Zombie Contracts are,

Complete The Nazi Zombie Prologue

Get 500 Kills In Nazi Zombies

Open 20 Doors In Nazi Zombies

Defeat The Panzermorder On The Final Reich Map

I do not think that any of these are that tough, maybe the opening 20 doors, but that is only if you are the kind of player who tends to wait for others to do that…. Like me. What I have been doing is making it a point to open at least two doors each time I play Nazi Zombies. Also getting those 500 kills is a heck of a lot easier than it sounds.

I think that Call Of Duty WWII: Liberty Strike is going to be a lot of fun and it is really cool that we have gotten another community event so soon after the last one.


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