Call Of Duty WWII Liberty Strike Gear Is Awesome

Call Of Duty WWII Liberty Strike Gear Is Awesome

One of the weird things about me when it comes to Call Of Duty games is that while I love community events and getting new weapons is cool as it getting things like emblems and whatever. When it comes to gear, costumes or whatever you want to call them I have never really cared. However, as part of the Call Of Duty WWII Liberty Strike event, there are four new attires that look pretty darn awesome.

Airborne Independence Camo

The first one that I want to talk about is my favorite, the Airborne Independence Camo. I am writing this just after the fourth of July and I did watch Captain America Civil War and Independence day yesterday so maybe I am all “murica” at the moment. But this gear is awesome. I think that it does have a kind of Captain America military style to it and I love that.

Armored Independence Camo

The armored division is getting a really cool UK inspired set of gear and I like it. There is a Union Jack hat along with a Union Jack on the actual chest of the shirt which is kind of cool. The pants are a little over the top with their Union Jack theme, but I do kind of dig it. It reminds me of the wrestler The British Bulldog which I know is a weird reference to make, but hey it is what it is.

Mountain Independence Camo

Ok, so this one I think they were going for a Canada vibe…. I could be way off here, but it is red and white and they do have a lot of mountains in In all seriousness, though I really like this it is probably the most basic looking of the new gear, but I wonder if the red will make you easy to spot in a match?

Cavalry Independence Camo

I am still having a lot of fun playing as the Cavalry class so this is one I really want to use. I am not really sure what they were going for here. The bullet chains and the what I think is a cape make this look like an old-school superhero. If I am honest I think this one here may be my least favorite of the bunch.


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