The Infinity Gauntlet Mode Is Coming To An End In Fortnite

The Infinity Gauntlet Mode Is Coming To An End In Fortnite

Cue the sad faces, by the time you read this it could already be gone. As of right now, it says “ending soon” but many people are predicting that the 15th of May is going to be the last day of the Infinity Gauntlet event so if you have not yet had the pleasure to play as Thanos, you better have a marathon session right now!

The Infinity Gauntlet mode has been a huge success for Fortnite Battle Royale. They got even more players and it picked up even more mainstream attention, Josh Brolin the actor who plays Thanos even got in on the fun. I must admit, I really wish that there was a way that Epic Games could keep this limited time event in the game as it has been so much fun to play. Most games last five minutes or less and I think that everyone as long as you play it regularly, has the chance to be Thanos, you just got to be luck….. or actually skilled at the game, I fall more on the lucky side.

I really hope that the success of The Infinity Gauntlet mode in Fortnite Battle Royale is going to make the people at Epic Games think about doing more licensed crossovers. I really think that for this event they could have thrown in a couple of Avengers skins and it would have been a huge success.

Who knows what the next Fortnite Battle Royale limited time event will be, but no matter what make sure if it is still live, you take this time to play as much Infinity Gauntlet mode as you can!

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