Fortnite Battle Royal Tips On The Road To A Victory Royal

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Stay Far Away From The Storm – The first rule of  Fortnite don’t mess with the storm. It’s your biggest enemy it’s more scary than the 99 other fortnite gamers standing between you and royale victory. Because the secure zone gets smaller and smaller the storm hits you hard while taking your health away nonstop while you are in the storm. Always keep a eye on it keep running away from it.
Track Other Gamers – You will come across deserted houses,buildings,forts These structures could be anything from a set of steps to a fortress make note where they are located take into consideration where they are placed. They have been set up by other players that have a good idea where to build the structures.
Shoot first Get The Kill Watch for Others Before You Loot – As you’re out there looking for the weapons and equipment to help you move forward. Don’t forget that your equipment will be useless if you are dead. When going into a new area. Try to use your scope (If you have one yet) to scope out the new area make sure someone is not camping just waiting for you. You Always Have to be aware of your surroundings and look for traps that have been set up to take you out.

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