Stacked Call Of Duty WW2 Updates Coming This Week

Stacked Call Of Duty WW2 Update Coming This Week

Call Of Duty is huge in the news right now thanks to the confirmation that the next game in the series in Call Of Duty Black Ops 4. Well, let’s not forget that Call Of Duty WW2 is still here and still has some great content to offer.
Of course, we know that there are another three DLC packs to come for Call Of Duty WW2. However thanks to the weekly community updates that Sledgehammer Games are doing now. We know that on Tuesday the 13th of March, the next Call Of Duty WW2 update is going to be stacked…. What this stacked update is that Sledgehammer Games have planned is not exactly known, but we do know that Prop Hunt and Gun Game are coming.
Gameplay fixes, new guns and so on are all said to be part of this update. It is sure to be exciting stuff and while Sledgehammer Games will have a set of Patch Notes to let us know what is coming. I have to say, firing a game up after a big update and being surprised by some of the changes that have been made is always a lot of fun.
So while it is very easy to be swayed by the excitement of Call Of Duty Black Ops 4, do not dump Call Of Duty WW2 yet. Sledgehammer Games have shown that there is still a ton of life left in this game yet. With how exciting the Resistance Event and DLC pack was, I for one am very excited for the remaining three DLC packs.

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