When Can We Customize Guns In Call Of Duty WW2

When Can We Customize Guns In Call Of Duty WW2

I will admit that this was something that I forgot about, but I read an article recently that made a very good point. Where is the heck the ability to give guns a custom paint job? This was a feature that was supposed to be implemented in the game and there is a section for it, but the coming soon text has been there so long that in all honesty, it is something that I and from what I can tell most of you guys, have started to ignore.
The idea of being able to give your guns a fresh coat of paint and make them more suited to your personality is pretty cool and something I am sure that a lot of the Call Of Duty WW2 multiplayer community would be on board with. The Gun Smith guy in the HQ area needs some more work to do so hopefully Sledgehammer Games will be letting him get to work and painting our guns soon.
I think that this will be a lot of fun for those people who like to play in teams and want to have a more coordinate almost uniform kind of look. While most of us may not even bother. It is something that I am going to have a little play around with. Sledgehammer Games have done a great job with the headquarters as there is so much to do there and adding this into the mix is sure to make spending time there even more fun. Hopefully changing the look of guns will be added to Call Of Duty WW2 sooner than later.

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