Will Call Of Duty 2018 Bring Back Boost Jumping And Wall Running

Will Call Of Duty 2018 Bring Back Boost Jumping And Wall Running

While I am having a great time with Call Of Duty WW2 and I have actually gotten used to no longer being able to double/boost jump or run along walls. I must admit that with the next Call Of Duty game, the heavily rumored, Black Ops 4 being set in a more modern time. I am actually quite hopeful that the folks at Treyarch may bring back wall running.
The slower more methodical pace of Call Of Duty WWII is a very nice change of pace and apart from the limits on how long you can run, I have not actually heard anyone complain about it. However, with wall running being in the last Black Ops game, I do have a feeling that this may be something that Treyarch want to keep in. I have felt that their COD games are always a little more fast paced, with an emphasis on run and gun and that is cool with me.
Being able to boost in Call Of Duty Infinite Warfare was actually something that I thought was pretty cool. It was always pretty cool being able to run along the wall, boost jump and then shoot someone. While I have a strong feeling that wall running will return in the next COD game. If the rumors are true that the next game is set in a modern setting and is a “boots on the ground” type game that we have heard so much about. I do not think that boost jumping will be part of it.
I would love to know if you guys would like to see wall running or boost jumping return in Call Of Duty Black Ops 4 or whatever this year’s game is going to be called. 

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