How A Call Of Duty Player Hit Max Prestige Without Shooting Anyone!

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How A Call Of Duty Player Hit Max Prestige Without Shooting Anyone!

How A Call Of Duty Player Hit Max Prestige Without Shooting Anyone!

I am a long time Call Of Duty fan and even while our modded controllers have certainly given me a bit of an edge. I will always admit that when it comes to raw skill, I am not the best Call Of Duty player in the world. I still have a lot of fun playing cod, I love reading stories of people who play the game in a more unconventional way and have great success doing so.

Recently a player of cod ww2 made it all the way to Master Prestige rank and what is crazy about this is that he did it without using a gun. How insane is that? If I am going to make it to that rank, it is going to take me another few months at least, but this dude rocked all the way to it by just using a knife.

Playing Call Of Duty with just knives and melee weapons is something this player has been doing for years, but he really stepped it up in Call Of Duty WWII and he was actually the only person to reach Master Prestige rank via this method so far. Even Sledgehammer Games sent him a funny tweet showing respect for his accomplishment.

I have a lot of respect for what this guy did. If I try and sneak up on someone with a melee attack, I am dead before I even get close to them so I cannot imagine playing the whole game this way. The fact that you can though, is one of the reasons that so many of us love the Call Of Duty series.

London Docks – Call Of Duty WW2 – Multiplayer Match

Will People Ditch Call Of Duty WWII Early?

Will People Ditch Call Of Duty WWII Early?

Look, I love what Sledgehammer have done with Call Of Duty WWII and all the reports that Activision is giving out show that it has been a huge financial as well as critical success. Actually, I just read that it broke the first day digital sales on PlayStation 4 which is pretty nuts. The Resistance DLC and the Resistance Event that so far has only released on PlayStation 4 have been great.

However, many of us Call Of Duty fans have one eye on the future and that eye is trying to peek at the next COD game which all the rumors are stating is going to be Call Of Duty Black Ops 4 or at the very least a game in that same kind of style. The Black Ops series is very popular and people are already hyped by this potential news, so hyped that there have been some people online saying that they are not just looking forward to Treyarch’s next Call Of Duty game and as a result have lost a bit of interest in Call Of Duty WWII.

Call Of Duty is a game that manages to have a lot of staying power if the game is good. Black Ops III proved this as it was still supported two years after it was released. I think that Call Of Duty WWII is one of the best COD games in the franchise’s history, so I would hate to see people lose interest just because a new Call Of Duty game is on the horizon.

Call Of Duty WW2 War Mode Gameplay Video

What To Expect In Gun Game During Week 4 Of The WW2 Resistance Event In COD WWII

What To Expect In Gun Game During Week 4 Of The Resistance Event In COD WWII

I have mentioned before about how the featured playlist in week 4 of the Resistance Event in Call Of Duty WWII is all about Gun Game. That is awesome, while it is not a mode I am very good at (you can count on one hand the number of games of it that I won) it is still a mode that I have a lot of fun with.

I am actually interested to see how the slower, methodical pace of Call Of Duty WWII will change things up after being able to run on walls and double jump while playing Gun Game in Call Of Duty Infinite Warfare.

Only one of the daily orders and one of the contracts are revolving around Gun Game, however all of the daily orders are related to Gun Game, so you will certainly want to be putting a lot of time into it to get all of the rewards.

Some of them are simple enough like getting 25 kills in Gun Game, setting back an enemy and so on. I am sure that even someone who is not very good at Gun Game like myself will be able to do these ones. However, on the 14th and 18th of February, you have to win three games of Gun Game! While I will struggle with this, I do like how they have some daily orders that anyone can do as well as some that require some real skill.

I am really looking forward to playing some Gun Game during week 4 of the Call Of Duty Resistance Event! I hope this means that Gun Game is going to be a permanent fixture of Call Of Duty WWII. 

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