Call Of Duty To Get Community Update Weekly

Call Of Duty To Get Community Update Weekly

Sledgehammer Games are really stepping up to make sure that us Call Of Duty WWII fans are as happy as can be. For the most part, the response to Call Of Duty WWII has been overwhelmingly positive. Great campaign, awesome multiplayer, terrifying zombies, fantastic new war mode and DLC that is actually offering you good value for money.
Well, the guys and gals at Sledgehammer Games are taking things a step further by introducing a new weekly community update. All of the details have not been revealed just yet, but each week they will offer updates on the game in general as well as a multiplayer and zombies update.
In the past, some people in the COD community have felt that while the developers were good at talking about what they were adding to the game. When it came to talking about things that the community has an issue with bugs, trolls, and just generally annoying things. Communication was not always easy to establish. With this new approach, it does appear that Sledgehammer Games are trying to change that and keep us up to date on what changes are being made to Call Of Duty WWII as well as actually listening to the community.
I personally think this is pretty cool news and it will certainly be something that I look into. With Sledgehammer doing this, I do also feel that it puts a little bit of pressure on Treyarch and Infinity Ward to do the same when they release their Call Of Duty games which is only good news for us Call Of Duty fans.

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