How A Call Of Duty Player Hit Max Prestige Without Using A Gun!

How A Call Of Duty Player Hit Max Prestige Without Using A Gun!

I am a long time Call Of Duty fan and even while our modded controllers have certainly given me a bit of an edge. I will always admit that when it comes to raw skill, I am not the best Call Of Duty player in the world. I still have a lot of fun playing cod, I love reading stories of people who play the game in a more unconventional way and have great success doing so.
Recently a player of cod ww2 made it all the way to Master Prestige rank and what is crazy about this is that he did it without using a gun. How insane is that? If I am going to make it to that rank, it is going to take me another few months at least, but this dude rocked all the way to it by just using a knife.
Playing Call Of Duty with just knives and melee weapons is something this player has been doing for years, but he really stepped it up in Call Of Duty WWII and he was actually the only person to reach Master Prestige rank via this method so far. Even Sledgehammer Games sent him a funny tweet showing respect for his accomplishment.
I have a lot of respect for what this guy did. If I try and sneak up on someone with a melee attack, I am dead before I even get close to them so I cannot imagine playing the whole game this way. The fact that you can though, is one of the reasons that so many of us love the Call Of Duty series.

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