Gun Game During Week 4 Of The WWII Resistance Event In Call Of Duty WW2

What To Expect In Gun Game During Week 4 Of The Resistance Event In COD WWII

I have mentioned before about how the featured playlist in week 4 of the Resistance Event in Call Of Duty WWII is all about Gun Game. That is awesome, while it is not a mode I am very good at (you can count on one hand the number of games of it that I won) it is still a mode that I have a lot of fun with.
I am actually interested to see how the slower, methodical pace of Call Of Duty WW2 will change things up after being able to run on walls and double jump while playing Gun Game in Call Of Duty Infinite Warfare.
Only one of the daily orders and one of the contracts are revolving around Gun Game, however all of the daily orders are related to Gun Game, so you will certainly want to be putting a lot of time into it to get all of the rewards.
Some of them are simple enough like getting 25 kills in Gun Game, setting back an enemy and so on. I am sure that even someone who is not very good at Gun Game like myself will be able to do these ones. However, on the 14th and 18th of February, you have to win three games of Gun Game! While I will struggle with this, I do like how they have some daily orders that anyone can do as well as some that require some real skill.
I am really looking forward to playing some Gun Game during week 4 of the Call Of Duty Resistance Event! I hope this means that Gun Game is going to be a permanent fixture of Call Of Duty WWII

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