Free Call Of Duty WW2 Content With These Codes

Free Call Of Duty WW2 Content With These Codes

As a long term Call Of Duty fan, I never understand how so many people see Call Of Duty as an annual cash grab by . Do not get me wrong, each COD game makes a ton of money, but I would argue that each COD game is made with a lot of care, love and with the best intentions. Well The Resistance  has been live in Call Of Duty  for a little over a week now and some eagle eyed COD fans spied some codes in the live action trailer.
No one does an over the top live action video game trailer like  and Call Of Duty WW2 is no different.  released a fun live action trailer for The Resistance  and in it were hidden codes that you could put in the official Call Of Duty WW2 site.
The codes that you need to enter are , , and .
Now, these codes are not going to unlock a whole bunch of in game content, but they will give you access to some pretty fun stuff that if you are a fan of COD , you will get a kick out of.
Resistance is now.
5 WW2 Resistance Themed Wallpapers which are cool.
6 Pages of Documents giving information on the 3  Maps featured in The Resistance .
Resistance Themed WWII in-game Calling Card which is not actually live yet, but putting in the code will make sure you have it when it is.
I think these are some fun freebies and well worth doing if you are a fan of Call Of Duty WWII and want to get a little more info and awesomeness from The Resistance .

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