New War Mode Map In Call Of Duty WWII

Early Thoughts On New War Mode Map In Call Of Duty WWII

Thanks to life getting in the way, I have not been able to spend as much time with the first DLC pack, The Resistance for Call Of Duty WWII as I would have liked, but I still wanted to share my thoughts on the new War Mode Map that has been added. Of course, this DLC is a timed exclusive for PlayStation owners, with Xbox owners being able to get in on the action sometime in February.
I have only managed a couple of games so far and each time I have played as the Allies. Anyway, the new War Mode Map in Call Of Duty WWII is set in France in a really war torn area. The areas of the map that I have explored so far look fantastic. The first part of the mission sees you guys needing to save French resistance fighters. I found this pretty easy, to be honest, but as more and more people get better at the map, that is when teamwork and skill will start to come into play.
The second objective was about destroying the Nazi’s communication gear. I found that in all of the games I have played on this new map so far (which as of now is not a lot) this objective seems to really fly by and I think that if you were on the bad side, you really would have to work as a team to make sure you win.
Finally, we have the real main event of this new War Mode map and that is stopping a train…. WOW is all I have to say about this. This is what War Mode is all about and I cannot wait until I get better at this section and so do other players as using an organized assault to stop this train is going to be a lot of fun.
So far, I am really enjoying the first DLC pack in Call Of Duty WWII and to be honest with you I feel that this year, the Call Of Duty DLC is actually very fairly priced.

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