What You Need To Know About Prop Hunt In Call Of Duty WW2

What You Need To Know About Prop Hunt In Call Of Duty WW2

With Call Of Duty WWII The Resistance now being here, many of us are very excited by the fact that Prop Hunt is part of this event. For those of us who played the PC version of Call Of Duty 4 Modern Warfare or even those who picked up the remastered version of Modern Warfare with Infinite Warfare in 2016, you will have some idea about the awesomeness that is Prop Hunt. Today I wanted to share a couple of tips to help you out.
Only One Survivor Is Needed
The team who are hunting needs to kill every “prop” on the opposing team. But the prop team only need one player to survive in order to win the round. So even if you get killed pretty early on, there is still hope.
Do Not Shoot Like A Maniac
When you are on the hunt, your first instinct may be to just start opening fire on everything. All this is going to do is waste your time! Instead be a little bit more methodical and think about what looks like it is out of place. You will have far better luck doing this rather than keeping your trigger on the finger the whole time.
Pick Your Prop Carefully
To be honest, even in Call Of Duty WWII Prop Mode, I much prefer playing as the hunter than the hider. But when I do have to hide, I try my best to pick the best prop. Think about the area you are in and what can blend in the best. Sometimes hiding in the most obvious plain site can result in people just walking on past you.
Prop Hunt is a lot of fun and I think it is a welcome addition to Call Of Duty WWII. The best advice I can give on this mode is to just have fun with it as that is what it is all about. It is not meant to be taken too seriously

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