Be A Better Sniper In Call Of Duty WW2 Multiplayer

How To Be A Better Sniper In Call Of Duty WW2

Being a sniper is something I always want to be in Call Of Duty games, but sadly…. I take too long to take the shot and most of the time end up dead before I even manage one kills myself. I decided that Call Of Duty WWII was going to be different and while I am not a sniping master, I have certainly got better and this is how I managed it.
Practice On Bots!
I cannot stress this one enough. Create a private match with you taking on bots, you can have (off the top of my head I think) 9 bots to practice on. Use a nice large and open map such as Gustav Cannon so you can get the hang of sniping and actually feel good about it as you will be able to get a lot of kills. Practice makes perfect in the world of sniping and it is far less frustrating to practice on bots than in an actual multiplayer game.
Change Controller Settings
You know this is actually the first Call Of Duty game where I bothered to change my controller sensitivity? This helped me a great deal. Find the perfect settings for you, but I found that 6 was the sweet spot for both vertical and horizontal sensitivity for me. Play around with it and see what one suits you best. Also turn off the rumble, when you take a hit it can throw you off your game a little bit and when you are trying to snipe it is the last thing you need.
Have Fun, Stay Confident And Keep On Going!
My biggest problem in Call Of Duty games when I try to play as a sniper is that I always felt like I was going to miss and mess up. It made playing as a sniper a rather stressful and not fun experience. Now though, I am just having fun with it and if I manage just a couple of kills, I chalk it up to experience and I am confident that I am getting better each game I play.

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