How To Level Up Fast In Call Of Duty WW2

How To Level Up Fast In Call Of Duty WW2

 Level Up Quickly In Call Of Duty WW2  
No doubt a lot of you reading this woke up on Christmas morning and found that Santa left you a nice copy of Call Of Duty WW2. For those of you who are new to the game, I wanted to share some easy ways that you can level up pretty quickly all the while having fun.
Domination Mode: In this mode, you want to make sure that you are actually doing the objective. You get a ton of XP for taking over and holding the zones so do not just focus on running around killing people, make taking care of the zones your priority and you will make far more XP.
Hardpoint: In this mode, you need to hold a point that keeps moving around the map. The real kicker here is to kill people while you are holding the point and you will make some serious XP!
Team Deathmatch: Ahh the old classic! If you find doing objectives in Domination and Hardpoint tough, just running around killing as many people as you can is how you can have fun and make XP in the process.
War Mode: I love War Mode and it can be great for earning XP. If you are in the target area when an objective is being completed, you will make a nice extra bonus when it comes to XP. This is not really for beginners, but War Mode, once you get used to what the objectives are, can really level you up quickly. 

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