What Is In The Call Of Duty WW2 Updates

What Is In The Call Of Duty WW2 Update 1.08

As you may have noticed, Call Of Duty WWII required an update before you could play it. Now before you get all excited, the main purpose of this update was actually to bring the Winter Siege to an end.
We had a lot of fun with the Winter Siege and to be fair Sledgehammer Games have not left us high and dry. If you still have some open active orders from Winter Siege then you can finish them off and if you still have some Winter Siege loot boxes that you did not get round to opening, you can still open them as they will not change back to regular loot boxes. So it is good that they have made it so those of us who have been busy the last few days can finish off what we started. Winter Collection Rewards, however, are done and dusted now, which kind of sucks, but to be fair, we did expect this.
No actual patch notes have been released as I write this, but there is a lot of talk going around that this update is paving the way for the first big bit of DLC, The Resistance which is due to drop at the end of January. No doubt there was some other small changes made to Call Of Duty WWII during the 1.08 update, but until the folks at Activision and Sledgehammer Games release the patch notes, we will have to wait and see.

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