What Is Missing WW2 VS. Futuristic Call Of Duty Games

What Is Missing WW2 VS. Futuristic Call Of Duty Games

So while a lot of time has been spent playing Call Of Duty WW2 and I do feel that this is one of the best Call Of Duty games in years. There are a couple of things that I kind of took for granted with the last few futuristic COD games that I am kind of missing the more that I play Call Of Duty WW2.
Look, I was excited as anyone with the news that Call Of Duty was returning to World War II. I have spent a ton of hours with Call Of Duty WWII and think that Sledgehammer Games really have outdone themselves.
Yet I find myself saying many, many times, “man I wish I could do what I could in Advanced Warfare, Black Ops 3 and even Infinite Warfare”
The most notable thing that has been lost in the game going back to WWII is speed. Now yes, Call Of Duty WWII still has that twitch, fast paced kind of gameplay. But in taking away the double jumping/boost and wall running as well as the ability to run for as long as you want. The games can sometimes feel a little slower and I really do find that I end up having to stop running at the worst possible time.
I know that they could not have wall running and boosting in a game that is set in WWII. But I do feel that they could have made it so that we could run the whole game if we wanted to. I love Call Of Duty WWII, it is a really fun game, but the futuristic COD games had “conveniences” that I really came to love and did not realize how much until they were taken away. 

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