Call Of Duty World War Two Dominates Sales Charts

Call Of Duty World War Two Dominates Sales Charts

 Call Of Duty World War 2  
It is no secret that Call Of Duty World War Two is one of the best received games in the series. It was a great return to form for the series and we have not actually heard anyone who has played it really have anything negative to say about it.
We all knew that it had sold well, but the amazing news is actually coming out of the UK where Call Of Duty is the number one selling game of 2017 and is the Christmas number one game, a title that Call Of Duty has held for the last 4 years in a row (yes even Infinite Warfare) and in total has held 8 times!
The only games that have beaten it are Fifa 09 in 2008, Skyrim in 2011 and Fifa 14 which was released in 2013. It is a truly phenomenal run that shows no matter how much people like to make fun of the annual Call Of Duty series, that this series has some serious legs and in all honesty when it comes to iconic gaming series. Even if you are not a huge Call Of Duty fan, you have to put it up there with the likes of Mario, Sonic, Halo, Resident Evil and the other iconic games.
The people at Activision must be thrilled as even though they held the top spot last year, Call Of Duty Infinite Warfare was not as well received. Call Of Duty WWII, on the other hand, has not only sold like hot cakes, it has also been very well received by gaming media and people who have actually played the game.

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