What Made Call Of Duty WWII The Best Selling Game Of 2017

Call Of Duty WWII Is The Best Selling Game Of 2017  

What Made Call Of Duty WWII The Best Selling Game Of 2017?

Well as we are bringing 2017 to a close the numbers are in and it has been revealed that so the bestselling game of 2017 is none other than Call Of Duty WWII. Activision has had a monster of a hit on their hands with this and they will be pleased as while it sold better than most other games, 2016’s Infinite Warfare clearly did not sell as many copies as they would have liked.
It was like Activision and of course, the team at Sledgehammer Games who actually made the game did everything right with Call Of Duty WWII. Right from that first trailer they revealed, Call Of Duty WWII is a game that got many people excited. Longtime Call Of Duty fans were excited that they were going back to World War II. Fans who felt the series lost its way with the more futuristic games were excited and even those who had never been into the series had to be sucked in by all the positive hype and those very well made trailers.
We would go as far to say that the work Sledgehammer Games did on Call Of Duty WWII is some of their best work yet and that Call Of Duty WWII is well deserving of all the praise and sales it is getting. It is very easy to say that going back to WWII is the sole reason for the game’s success, but we feel that word of mouth is what has really driven the sales of Call Of Duty WWII. Think about it, have you actually heard anyone say a bad word about this game?
For the most part, people who have played it have said it is a ton of fun and this seems to have gotten many more people excited about the game and willing to give it a shot. No matter what, 2018’s Call Of Duty game has some big shoes to fill! 

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