Overwatch’s New Winter Wonderland Event Check It Out

Check Out Overwatch’s New Winter Wonderland Event

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As you know, we are huge Overwatch fans and you could argue that no one does an event like Blizzard do. Well as it is the holiday season, they have a really cool winter event called Winter Wonderland for us which started on the 12th of December.
The really fun, Mei’s Snowball Hunt is part of the event. This was also part of last year’s winter event and it is a really fun time. There is also a new mode that is part of Winter Wonderland and this one is called, Yeti Hunt. Honestly, Blizzard is freaking awesome when it comes to adding fun new modes. In this mode, you play as part of a team of Mei’s and you guys need to hunt down the Yeti, who just so happens to be played by Winston! This mode is an absolute blast and we love it when Blizzard has fun with their characters like this.
Of course, it would not be an Overwatch update if it did not have a variety of new skins to check out. Last year’s skins are available, but there are some really cool new ones such as Hipster Hanzo which is from the Overwatch comic book. Overwatch players love new skins and we feel that Blizzard has made some great ones for this latest update.
Speaking of an update. They have also made a few changes to the game such as being able to see what skins you have never looked at before, this is a real time saver as going through a characters skins could be annoying. Now with the press of a button, you can make it so that it only shows the new skins.

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