What Are The Top 3 Call Of Duty Games

The Top 3 Call Of Duty Games

What Are The Top 3 Call Of Duty Games?  

As we have had so much fun with Call Of Duty WWII, we thought we would have a little extra fun by asking around the Mods “R” Us office and seeing what the most popular Call Of Duty games are. Now, this is not an “official” list so if you disagree let us know what your personal top three Call Of Duty games are in the comments section.
Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 2
We had to have a game from the Modern Warfare franchise on this list and it was tough to pick between the three, but 2 here did everything just right. It featured a blockbuster campaign that was like an over the top Michael Bay movie, it had great multiplayer and Spec Ops was awesome! In all Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 2 did everything so right that it was always going to be hard for Modern Warfare 3 to top it.
Call Of Duty Advanced Warfare
Perhaps a bit of a controversial inclusion on our list, but we feel that once again Call Of Duty delivered a fantastic campaign in Advanced Warfare and the multiplayer was all kinds of fantastic. We feel that with Advanced Warfare, Call Of Duty was that perfect blend of what we had come to expect from COD, but it did not go too over the top like Infinite Warfare did. This one still has a large online community dedicated to it.
Call Of Duty WWII
We will be honest, it was between this and Call Of Duty World At War, but as many great memories we have of World At War, we have to admit that WWII is the better game. It features a blockbuster campaign (arguably the best in the entire series) a new War Mode and a very fun zombies mode. Call Of Duty WWII is stacked with things to do and it is a ton of fun to play. 

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