What Could Treyarch Have For Call Of Duty 2018?

What Could Treyarch Have For Call Of Duty 2018?

What Could Treyarch Have For Call Of Duty 2018?  
We have talked about this a little before as a few weeks back it was revealed that Treyarch posted a job listing for someone to work on the next Call Of Duty game and that knowledge of current military weapons was something that was desirable.
Well, 2018 is Treyarch’s turn at taking the helm of the Call Of Duty ship (with Infinity Ward getting another crack at it in 2019) and so far everything is looking like it is going to be either set in the modern day or the future. While any talk of setting a Call Of Duty game in the future may fill some fans with dread. There were many of us who actually really enjoyed Infinite Warfare, but the overall critical and commercial success were not what Activision would have liked.
That was Infinity Ward who made that. The last game that we got from Treyarch was Black Ops III which many people actually class as one of the best games in the series. It offered futuristic gameplay, but it did not take things as far as Infinite Warfare, it was that happy medium which everyone seemed to enjoy.
We do not think that we are going to get a Black Ops IV. But we do feel that this year’s game is going to be very heavily story driven so we have a feeling that it is actually going to be set in the present and focus on the current problems that the world is facing with international terrorism. Treyarch has done a great job with the Call Of Duty series and while we are still having a blast with Call Of Duty WWII, we do have one eye on what Treyarch is doing with Call Of Duty 2018.

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