Tips For War Mode In Call Of Duty WWII

Tips For War Mode In Call Of Duty WWII

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War Mode is one of the best new things that Sledgehammer Games added to Call Of Duty WWII. While we wish there were a few more maps, we have had a blast with this mode and wanted to share a few basic tips with you for this mode so you can have as much fun as we are.

You Have To Work As A Team

We cannot think of another game mode in Call Of Duty that requires teamwork as much as War Mode. In an ideal world, you will have a headset so you can communicate with the rest of your squad. If you do not, make sure you are doing your part, completing objectives or even becoming a human target so that one of your teammates can complete an objective while the enemy is busy with you.

Use Smoke Grenades

Smoke grenades… really? Well yes, while these are kind of useless in most other game modes, War Mode is not like other game modes in Call Of Duty WWII. Smoke grenades can allow you to get in and build that bridge, or provide cover so you can get away from that tank. As soon as you have them unlocked, add them to your loadout.

Take Advantage Of Your Defenses

When you are playing on the defensive side, take the time to build up your defenses. This can be a great way to make the enemy go where you want them to go or even get them to try and take them down, leaving them vulnerable as they do.

Use Your Knowledge Of The Maps

As there are only three maps, you will know them very well. Use this to your advantage. Anticipate the areas that the enemy is most likely going to attack from and set up a trap. Find areas that are easy to hide in so you can make it to an objective. Just take the time to learn the maps as best you can.

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