Call Of Duty WW2 Is Delaying Microtransactions

Call Of Duty WW2 Is Delaying Microtransactions

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We have had a lot of fun with Call Of Duty WWII so far, even with the technical hiccups, which we will admit, we have not had as hard a time with as other players. We all knew that microtransactions were coming. These are of course the Call Of Duty Points we already knew about and you can use real money to buy them. These were supposed to be added to the game this week, but it has been pushed back to at least the 21st of November.
While those who were looking forward to being able to buy a ton of loot boxes with real money may be disappointed, we can see why this decision has been made. First of all, there has been a fair bit of negative press about Call Of Duty WWII in regards to the game crashing and other technical issues with matchmaking and so on. So if Sledgehammer were to roll out microtransactions before all these issues were fixed, the backlash to this would be huge.
We though feel there is another reason for this delay and that is Star Wars Battlefront II. No not because, Sledgehammer are scared to compete with it, but because of the huge negative backlash that has been thrown at EA over their handling of currency in the game. Now EA has made this right by changing the cost of buying characters like Darth Vader and Luke Skywalker to much lower amounts. But people are still mad as hell over the whole thing.
Surely Sledgehammer and Activision saw this and knew that rolling out microtransactions right now, especially when they are a hot topic is a very bad idea! In case you were wondering those of us who got COD points for pre ordering Call Of Duty WWII will have to wait until the system goes live until we can use them.

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