Call Of Duty Advanced Warfare 2 What Could Have Been

Call Of Duty Advanced Warfare 2: What Could Have Been

While here at Mods “R” Us we have been having an awesome time with Call Of Duty WWII. There was recently an interview with Eric Hirshberg, CEO of Activision who has stated that things could have been very different if Sledgehammer had gone with what they originally wanted to do.
He says that Sledgehammer’s idea for their next Call Of Duty game was actually to make a sequel to Advanced Warfare! We find this very interesting and as huge fans of Advanced Warfare it is interesting to think of what they would have done to move the series forward.
Hirshberg states that after three Call Of Duty games that were set in the future, with Infinite Warfare being set really far in the future, people were a bit sick of it and it was time to go back to the series roots and that the people at Activision felt that Sledgehammer could make an epic World War 2 game… which as we all know they did.
With how authentic Call Of Duty WWII is, Sledgehammer clearly went all in when they were basically told no to Advanced Warfare 2. But this has gotten our gears spinning and making us think, could Advanced Warfare 2 be the next Call Of Duty game from Sledgehammer in 2019 as next year it will most likely be Infinity Ward’s turn to make a Call Of Duty game.
We actually enjoyed the more futuristic Call Of Duty games, but we must admit after three, it is great to go back to World War 2. 

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