Call Of Duty WW2 Multiplayer Maps Are Revealed

Call Of Duty WWII Multiplayer Maps Revealed

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As you would probably expect, details of Call Of Duty WW2 are starting to leak (the game is like less than a day away at this point) which is not all that surprising. But there has been a bit of a negative response in regards to the amount of multiplayer maps that are available.
It has been revealed that the Call Of Duty WW2 multiplayer mode will have ten regular maps that can be used across the standard multiplayer modes. The maps that you can play on are Flak Tower, USS Texas, Gustav Cannon, Aachen, Gibraltar, London Docks, Pointe Du Hoc, Sainte-Marie-du-Mont and Ardennes Forest. Of course, people who have the digital deluxe version or the season pass will also have access to Carentan as well. To be fair at launch, ten maps is not that bad at all, but some people feel there should have been more.
The main bit of peoples issues with Call Of Duty WW2 multiplayer maps seem to be aimed at War Mode. We had a lot of fun with War Mode during the beta and are very excited to play the other maps, but there is only three! Operation Breakout, Operation Neptune, and Operation Griffin are the three maps that you can play on. To be fair War Mode is really in depth and a lot of work has gone into it, but will players get bored quickly with only three maps to play on? While there are only three maps it is important to remember that each map lets you play it from two points of view so there are actually six ways to play War Mode.
No doubt more maps are coming in the form of DLC, but we think that the regular maps are fine, but a couple more for War Mode at launch would have been great.

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