Rainbow Six Series Part 10 – Rainbow Six: Shadow Vanguard

Rainbow Six Series Part 10 – Rainbow Six: Shadow Vanguard

Can you believe we are 10 entries deep into our history of Rainbow Six series?

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Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six: Shadow Vanguard (2011) iOS, Android

By 2011, mobile gaming was really taking off and many companies were looking at bringing some of the major licenses to the iOS and Android market. Gameloft was given the chance to turn Rainbow Six into a mobile success. Early indications were good as Gameloft had a lot of success with mobile shooters such as N.O.V.A and Modern Combat.
Shadow Vanguard was far more tactical than the last few Rainbow Six console games. Gameloft tried really hard to bring the series back to its more strategic roots. One of the things that many people liked was how you could use fiber optics to look into a room before you went in it. Here you could mark enemies and come up with a plan before you burst into the room. It made Shadow Vanguard a much more strategic kind of game. Each of the missions you take on would have a main objective that you had to do as well as a secondary objective for more skilled players.
There was a single player campaign that did not exactly blow people away, but the narrative going from mission to mission was set during the early days of the Rainbow team. There was also multiplayer modes which could be played via Bluetooth or online. Sadly back in 2011 mobile online servers were not quite what they are today and many people had various issues when trying to play online.
Rainbow Six: Shadow Vanguard was quite an ambitious game and one that really could have done with a sequel. We feel that had Gameloft been given another game that a Shadow Vanguard 2 could have been something truly awesome…. And most likely filled with a million micro transactions.

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