Is The Call Of Duty WWII Pro Edition Worth It?

Call Of Duty WWII Pro Edition

ModsRus Mod Controllers 
Like you guys, Mods “R” Us are very excited for Call Of Duty WWII. As much as we enjoyed Infinite Warfare, getting back to a more realistic setting is really cool. Call Of Duty WWII is just a few weeks away and some of you may still be thinking about what version of the game to pre order. Well, today we are looking at the Pro Edition which is the premium edition of Call Of Duty WWII. We are not counting store specific content here like a t-shirt or a keychain for example. Just the stuff you get with the actual Pro Edition.
Of course, you are getting the actual Call Of Duty WWII game. But in the Pro Edition, it comes in a pretty cool looking steelbook which we think will look great on a shelf. The most notable thing that is in this edition is the season pass which is going to get you the upcoming Call Of Duty WWII DLC. To be honest with you, if you are super into COD then this alone should make getting the Pro Edition worthwhile, especially if you think you will be getting the DLC anyway.
There is also going to be some bonus digital items that you get which from what we understand are exclusive to this set. Also by pre ordering the game, you also get access to The Divisions Pack. This contains five Premium Gear Sets for the different divisions in the game. Now while this is a pre order bonus there is always the slim chance that there will be copies of Call Of Duty WWII Pro Edition that still have the Divisions Pack DLC code. But if it is something you want, make sure you pre order just in case.
We do wish that there was some kind of cool physical item with the Pro Edition, but if you are all about the multiplayer in COD, getting the Call Of Duty WWII Pro Edition is worth it as it will save you a few bucks on all the DLC.

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