The History Of BioShock Part 4 The Collection

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The History Of BioShock Part 4 The Collection
The History Of BioShock Part 4
We thank you for joining us at Mods R Us as we look back at the awesome series that is BioShock. Today we have the last entry in this series so once again dive down to Rapture and soar up to Columbia!
BioShock Collection (2016) Pc, Xbox One, Ps4
While there has not been an actual new BioShock game for a few years. PlayStation 4 and Xbox One owners would be able to get in on the action in 2016 when 2K games released, BioShock: The Collection! This was a collection that was rumored for quite some time and leaks from international retailers would result in 2K having to announce the game earlier than they would have liked.
As you probably know, BioShock The Collection features all three BioShock games and all of their DLC. It is the ultimate BioShock set and for fans of the series, it was awesome having all three games, plus the DLC in one package. The games, BioShock 1 and 2 especially had been given a lick of paint and seeing Rapture in all its HD glory was something many fans got a real kick out of. BioShock Infinite was given the least “attention” but to be fair this was already a fantastic looking game so not as much had to be done to Infinite in order to bring it up to PS4 and Xbox One standards graphically.
BioShock The Collection would come on two discs with the first disc having BioShock 1 and 2 on it and the second disc having BioShock Infinite on it. Interestingly, the same box art is used for both discs.
Right now if you want the best way to experience the BioShock saga, BioShock The Collection is the way to do it. You get all the games, looking better than they ever have before and you even get all the DLC! It is one of the best collections currently available for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One and a must have for both systems.
The Grand Theft Auto Retrospective Part 9 Vice City Stories
The Grand Theft Auto Retrospective Part 9
Once again we are shrinking down as we have another portable game in our Grand Theft Auto Retrospective!
Grand Theft Auto Vice City Stories (2006) PlayStation Portable, PlayStation 2
Grand Theft Auto Liberty City Stories was a huge hit and at the same time, RockStar was working on another “stories” game, but this one was based on Vice City. It would be released just a year after Liberty City Stories and just like that, it is regarded as one of the best games on the handheld.
Grand Theft Auto Vice City Stories is once again set in the 1980’s. Just like its console big brother. The style, the fashion, the music, the cars and the way people talk are right out of the 80’s and it is awesome. This time you play as a guy called, Vic Vance. Vic is a pretty interesting character in that he is an army vet who was just trying to make some money for his family, but through a series of events that just keep getting darker and darker, he finds himself deep in the world of organized crime!
Grand Theft Auto Vice City Stories plays just like the last game on the PSP, but the big difference here is the empire building aspect. When you take a business from a rival gang, you are now responsible for running this business and making as much money as possible. It was a pretty interesting idea and one that was expanded upon in later games in the series.
While it may lack the wow factor that Liberty City Stories had as the first full GTA game on a handheld console. It was still very well received, with the only issue people really having with the game being that it was perhaps a little too ambitious for the PSP as the handheld could struggle to keep up. It is worth noting that in the following year. Grand Theft Auto Liberty City Stories would be ported to the PlayStation 2, but it was a very rushed and poorly done port. 
The Grand Theft Auto Retrospective Part 7 Gta Advance
The Grand Theft Auto Retrospective Part 7
You better get on the run from the cops as we are back with part 7 of our Grand Theft Auto retrospective!
Grand Theft Auto Advance (2004) Game Boy Advance
While not the first Grand Theft Auto game to be on a Nintendo system, seeing GTA on anything Nintendo related was still kind of weird. This actually started its life as port of Grand Theft Auto III! Obviously, that was far too ambitious and this idea was scrapped and Grand Theft Auto Advance became its own thing, which is actually kind of a prequel to GTA III.
As you would expect, Grand Theft Auto Advance has a top down view like the classic games. But this time it is a bit more polished and they have tried to give it a 3D kind of feel and things like the map, the cars, and the weapons were clearly inspired by the 3D games so, in a way, Grand Theft Auto Advance is like a mix of the old GTA games and the 3D ones.
The story sees you playing as a criminal called Mike, who along with his buddy Vinnie are going to do one last job and then leave the life of crime behind. Of course, this job goes horribly wrong, Vinnie dies and as Mike, you swear revenge on him and the criminal world of Liberty City! The story was not as great as the other games, but to be fair it was all told through pictures and text.
Grand Theft Auto Advance was a pretty decent throwback to the older GTA games. It was met with rather mixed reviews at the time of release, mainly because people had gotten so used to the 3D Grand Theft Auto games so going back to this was very hard for some people. 
Some Cool Overwatch News
Some Cool Overwatch News
As you know here at Mods “R” Us, we are huge fans of Overwatch and the last couple of days there has been some pretty neat Overwatch news and we wanted to talk a little bit about it.
Overwatch Reversing Player Bans
Some unlucky people have found themselves banned from competitive play even though they did nothing wrong. It has so far affected around 200 Overwatch players, but do not freak out as Blizzard has said it is a small bug and they are on it. Anyone who has been banned during this time is going to be looked after and have their account reinstated. People who had never left a game early or done anything offensive had reported they had been banned from playing! Blizzard then came out and confirmed that it was a bug, well at least we now know they are fixing it.
Cool Overwatch Figures Coming Later This Year
We think the Overwatch Funko Pop figures are awesome. But just recently it was revealed that in October there is going to be a new line of Overwatch figures. These are part of the Cute But Deadly line and they look awesome. They are super cute, but also pretty badass looking. These are going to be blind box mini figures, there is going to be 12 characters in this first series and if you want our opinion, Lucio, D.Va, and McCree are the coolest. We hope that since they are blind boxes that someone figures out what the codes on each box are so we can get the figures we want. 

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