Road To Red Dead Redemption 3: Red Dead Redemption

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Road To Red Dead Redemption 3: Red Dead Redemption
Road To Red Dead Redemption 3: Red Dead Redemption
Time for you cowboys to tie your horse up and take it easy in the saloon as we are looking at the last stop on our way to Red Dead Redemption 2!
Red Dead Redemption: Undead Nightmare (2010) PlayStation 3, Xbox 360
Red Dead Redemption was a monster of a hit and quite shortly after it was released, we got wind of a huge DLC expansion, Undead Nightmare which would bring the undead to the Wild West! To say this new got people excited is a huge understatement and as amazing as Red Dead Redemption was it was this news that made more than a few people decide to buy it.
Undead Nightmare once against sees players take the role of John Marston, who you even get to play as a zombie which is pretty cool. The story of the game is pretty cool and sees John having to travel to the different towns in the game to keep the number of zombies down. You will also have to do various missions for other people as you try to figure out what the hell is going on and how you can stop it. One of the coolest features of the game is that you can find and tame the four horses of the apocalypse.
RockStar did an amazing job with this DLC! They went in and did a ton of work on the visuals so while you instantly recognize them all from Red Dead Redemption they have been given a sinister coating of paint, which with the permanent darkness and bad weather gives the whole game an eerie kind of feeling
As well as the main story, Undead Nightmare also had two multiplayer modes which were well received. These are called Land Grab and Undead Overrun.
Red Dead Redemption Undead Nightmare was a huge hit, so much so that RockStar actually released the game on its own, at a budget price of course. 
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The Grand Theft Auto Retrospective Part 8
The Grand Theft Auto Retrospective Part 8
Join us once again as we take a walk on the wrong side of the tracks as we look back at the history of Grand Theft Auto!
Grand Theft Auto Liberty City Stories (2005) PlayStation Portable
The year prior, RockStar had a lot of success with bringing GTA to the GameBoy Advance. But with the far more powerful, PlayStation Portable they had the chance to bring as close to the console experience as possible to a handheld. Grand Theft Auto Liberty City Stories was the most anticipated game on the PSP. It was a game that many people actually bought the handheld just to play.
The story of the game sees you playing as Toni Cipriani, who as you have probably guessed is a mobster who is trying to work his way up the ranks, seek revenge and make as much money as possible. The story is actually pretty well done and it is set before the events of Grand Theft Auto III.
While the story is fun, the gameplay is the real star here. RockStar did a fantastic job with this game and it really does come close to matching what the console GTA games offered, all be it in a bit of a smaller scale. While this is based on GTA III. Liberty City Stories has more in common with the later games in the series, Vice City, and San Andreas as it gives the player more control over the camera, more indoor areas to explore and many of the vehicles that those two games offered. It even had a fun multiplayer mode which at the time was a huge deal.
In all Grand Theft Auto Liberty City Stories was a huge success it was fun to play, sold a ton of copies and was very well received. It would actually be ported to the PlayStation 2 the following year and also end up on mobile devices in 2016.
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The Grand Theft Auto Retrospective Part 1
The Grand Theft Auto Retrospective Part 1
Join us as we look at the history of one of the most popular game series of all time, Grand Theft Auto. As well as offering the best modded controllers for Xbox, PlayStation, and PC. We are also huge gamers and that is why we are looking back at the origins of GTA!
Grand Theft Auto (1997-1999) PlayStation, PC, GameBoy Color
It may surprise you to know this, but the first Grand Theft Auto game was made by a small studio in Dundee, Scotland. This studio would eventually go on to be known as RockStar North. But back then they were more famous for their series Lemmings.
Anyway, the first game in the Grand Theft Auto game caused quite a stir. You played the role of a guy trying to make his way in the world of crime. You would get to go between three main cities with each one requiring you to do certain missions and tasks for the local crime lords. You need to get points and money as this is what is going to unlock more missions and other parts of the city. When you think about it the original Grand Theft Auto had a very arcade feel to it.
While you can do missions. A huge part of the appeal of Grand Theft Auto was that you could go around and just pretty much do what you want. You could steal a ton of cars, kill random people, go on the run from the police and in general just cause all kinds of chaos!
The original game as a rather simplistic top down view which allowed the game to even be ported to the GameBoy Color in 1999. It is crazy to see how far the series has come with how realistic the series is now on PS4 and Xbox One. It may be simple, but there is still a lot of charm in the first Grand Theft Auto game.
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Halo Retrospective Part 13: Halo Wars 2
Halo Retrospective Part 13: Halo Wars 2
Here we have the final part of our Halo Retrospective. We thank you for taking this look back on the Halo Universe with us and remind you that if you want to be the ultimate Spartan. You need one of our, modded Xbox One controllers and our modded Xbox 360 controllers.
Halo Wars 2 (2017) Xbox One, PC
Teased back in 2015, Halo Wars 2 was a game that took many of us by surprise. As good as the first Halo Wars was, not many felt that a sequel would come. But when that first trailer launched, people went nuts!
The gameplay of Halo Wars 2 is that of a real time strategy game. Like before it is all about the UNSC (humans) going against the Covenant. The story mode is actually very well done and like the first game, it is told with some incredible cut scenes that really do hook you and make you invested in the story. One of the things we liked about the story was how it was like a side story to the whole Halo universe and anything that helped give more insight to the Halo universe is very welcomed by the fans.
Halo Wars 2 is the kind of real time strategy game that is not really aimed at hardcore players of this genre of game. One of the criticisms some people had was that it was a little too accessible for some. This though for people who were new to this genre of the game was a very good thing. The rather basic and accessible nature of the gameplay made it a real time strategy game that we could all enjoy. For those players who felt it a little too simplistic. They could jump online and wage war with a more skilled opponent.

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