The History Of Gears Of War Part 4

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The History Of Gears Of War Part 4
The History Of Gears Of War Part 4
You know that when it comes to shooters our modded Xbox One controllers and our modded Xbox 360 controllers can really give you an edge, especially in a game as hard hitting as Gears Of War!
Gears Of War Judgement (2013) Xbox 360
Gears Of War fans did not have to wait long for more Gears Of War action, only this time it would not be about Marcus Fenix!
Gears Of War Judgement was a prequel and it focused on Baird. Who along with Cole Train and two new characters, Sofia Hendrik and Garron Paduk who made up Kilo Squad. The story is pretty interesting in that Baird is actually on trial and the game is told through a series of flashbacks. It was pretty well done, but at the time and especially after the roller coaster that was Gears Of War 3, the story in its narrative and length were not as favorably reviewed as the other games that had come before it.
Each mission has a harder option you can select where you will have some kind of handicap be it having to use a certain weapon or a time limit. This was fun and as each level would see you get a score at the end it did help the replayability.
Multiplayer mode in Gears Of War Judgement was a ton of fun and while it did not reinvent the wheel. OverRun and Free For All as the new game modes were very well received and a nice addition to the returning game modes.
Gears Of War Judgement may not be the most popular game in the series, but it still sold over a million copies and many hard core Gears fans loved being able to delve deeper into the lore.
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Halo Retrospective Part 4 Halo Wars
Halo Retrospective Part 4: Halo Wars
Our modded Xbox One controllers and our modded Xbox 360 controllers are ideal for Halo, one of the best FPS games ever made. But today, we are looking at the first spin off game in the Halo series.
Halo Wars (2009) Xbox 360
Halo Wars was the first of two Halo games released in 2009 and this one was met with some raised eyebrows when the first trailers were shown as it was so different from what fans expected from a Halo game. Ensemble Studios were the team behind this and they were tasked with taking the world of Halo and bringing it into the realm of real time strategy.
Halo Wars did actually have a story and the story was the classic, humans vs covenant and it was brought to life with some truly incredible cut scenes which at the time blew people away. People got really into the story and it was a story that you could play through on your own or with a buddy on Xbox Live.
Multiplayer was also an option. This featured the same kind of real time strategy gameplay as the campaign, but you could play against a friend in local or online battles. You could even play against the AI which was handy to let you know the ins and outs of the game. For many console gamers, this was their very first real time strategy game and many people felt that Ensemble Studios did a good job holding these new players to this kind of games hands.
Halo Wars sold very well, it was the best selling console real time strategy game at the time. It was also a game that was reviewed very well also. In all, it was a great side step for the series and it made many gamers interested in the realm of real time strategy. 

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