The History Of Call Of Duty Pt 11 Black Ops III

The History Of Call Of Duty: Pt 11 Black Ops III

Today we are looking at a game that is one of the most popular to be played with our modded PS4 controllers, modded Xbox One controllers and modded PC controllers.

Modded Controller Call Of Duty Black Ops III Xbox One Mod Controllers

Call Of Duty Black Ops III

Call Of Duty Black Ops III 2015,PC, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3

Treyarch was once again bringing us Black Ops action with Black Ops 3. The first thing we want to talk about here is the campaign. It was set in the year, 2065 so there is now advanced technologies like exo suits and awesome futuristic weapons that you can make use of. But as well as the good there is also the bad as climate change and the after effects of another Cold War has had a real negative effect on the world.

The campaign was once again very well written and had that big budget, blockbuster movie feel to it. The levels this time felt larger than ever and far more open which was pretty cool. Also, you could now play with up to three players. Mixing multiplayer into the campaign, but not at the expense of the story was really cool.

The multiplayer was faster paced than ever before. This was because your exo suit allowed you to boost around the map, jump in midair and also perform wall runs! Each multiplayer mode felt brand new as they were now all played at 100 mph and were all about run and gun.

Treyarch brought their Zombies mode back and once again it was over the top and just completely wild. What was really cool about this zombies mode was the way that they used an XP progression system similar to what was in the campaign. Where you would get better equipment and gear as you progressed.

Call Of Duty: Black Ops III is seen as one of the best games in the series and it sold considerably more copies than Advanced Warfare and the game that would follow on from it, Infinite Warfare. xProductBrowser(“categoriesPerRow=3″,”views=grid(20,3) list(60) table(60)”,”categoryView=grid”,”searchView=list”,”id=my-store-1145491″);

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