The History Of Call Of Duty Pt 10 Advanced Warfare

The History Of Call Of Duty: Pt 10 Advanced Warfare

If you want a game that is just tailor made for our and . Look no further than the Call Of Duty we are looking at today!
Call of Duty Advanced Warfare  

Call Of Duty, Advanced Warfare, 2014, PC, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3

Call Of Duty Advanced Warfare is the first game that Activision gave Sledgehammer Games the reins for. It was released on most consoles, but this time Activision decided to not bother with the Wii U.

Set in the near future the campaign of Advanced Warfare saw you play as just one character, Jack Mitchell. The story features a new private military company called, Atlas who seem great at first but are not as wholesome as they first appear. The story has some truly incredible cut scenes, honestly, at some points, you feel like you are watching a movie! 

While it was a very cinematic experience, the campaign would also allow you to upgrade your great in between missions which was pretty cool. You had an exo suit which would allow you to do all kinds of cool things like double jump, use different add ons and so on. It really does make you feel like a soldier from the future and that is awesome

Multiplayer in Advanced Warfare was just a ton of fun and it is still being widely played even now a few years later. All the game modes were here, but Exo Survival and Exo Zombies were the real highlights. Survival sees you and three other players team up to fight off waves of enemies and Zombies is what you would expect although most of the cool stuff in Advanced Warfare’s Zombies was locked behind DLC.

In all Advanced Warfare was a fantastic game. The story was very well written and actually made you care about what was going on and multiplayer was darn near perfect. This is a must have game in the COD series! 

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