Thoughts On Call Of Duty WWII Zombie Leak

Thoughts On Call Of Duty WWII Zombie Leak!

ww11 call of duty zombies playstation 4

WW2 Zombies

This has been all over the internet, but some brave soul has leaked a trailer for the zombie’s mode in Call Of Duty WWII. We were already excited for this mode, just from the images we had seen. But this trailer is just phenomenal and made us even more excited for the game.

Ok so let’s talk about what we saw. This is unlike any other zombies mode, we have experienced before. The zombies look far more terrifying than they have in the past. They had a kind of goofy look to them before, but now they are just like something ripped from an R rated horror movie, they look disgusting and we love it! It is sure to make the zombies mode that extra bit exciting as they look just so horrible and we mean horrible in the best way.

One thing that has also been said is that this zombies mode is going to be more of a horde mode than it has before. We do not know about you, but wave after wave of zombies that look just like they are straight out of hell is awesome to us.

While we really liked the more 80’s light hearted take on zombies in Infinite Warfare. We must say that we feel this is a step in the right direction of the Call Of Duty series and we are sure that some folks will buy this game just for that.

We are super excited about Call Of Duty WWII and we would love to hear you guys thoughts on this new leaked Call Of Duty WWII zombies trailer in the comments section down below.

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