Call Of Duty WWII Zombies Mode Sounds Sick

Call Of Duty WWII Zombies Mode Sounds Sick

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When we way sick, we mean sick in the best possible way. Sledgehammer games the people behind Call Of Duty WWII teased us with a picture from the new zombies mode. It was gross and made us glad we have a stock room of modded PlayStation 4 and modded Xbox One controllers as the auto aim is going to come in very handy.

While the 80’s inspired Zombies mode from Infinite Warfare was fun. Call Of Duty WWII looks like it is going the horror route. Which is not surprising as some of the folks who are working on this game worked on Dead Space…and that game was messed up. The gross image we have seen looks like some kind of metal fused with flesh.

This is very interesting as many have said that during WWII, Hitler was into all kinds of messed up stuff such as the occult. So could these new zombies be some kind of super Nazi zombie? If they are, sign us up right now, sign us up for the game and for a new pair of underpants as we know Sledgehammer games are going to make this as intense and scary as possible.

It is looking like the Zombies mode in Call Of Duty WWII could be one of the best yet and we love how it seems like it is going to be more horror than goofy. Zombies are one of the most underrated things about Call Of Duty and like many of you, us here at Mods “R” Us cannot wait to take part in some Zombie slaying action.

If you want a heads up in this mode then be sure to look at our modded controllers which offer auto aiming in Zombies mode.     

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